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West Africa and Sahel

8 UN troops killed, many injured by armed group in Mali

Our correspondent in Kidal:

At least eight (8) of United Nations Peacekeepers, who are on their way leaving conflict pruned northern Mali, Kidal, have been killed and many injured in attacks by armed millitias.

The troops who begun their exit evacuation on Tuesday from Kidal to Gao were ambushed by JNIM twice since Tuesday, with the recent deadly attack recorded today, Thursday November 2, 2023.

Our correspondent in Mali has confirmed these attacks and killings in as captured by preliminary reports by the UN.

“The convoy of the United Nations forces (the Minisma) was subjected to several attacks and ambushes on its way to Gao by JNIM, the most recent of which was today, Thursday, when the group targeted the Minisma convoy with an attack”, the reports was quoted.

Video: UN peacekeeping Forces leaving Kidal

Under the protection of Azawad Forces(CSP), United Nation Peacekeeping Forces have withdrawn their services from Kidal on Tuesday.

A video sighted by this news portal shows a convoy of vehicles carrying the logistics and baggages of the troops leaving the ‘terrorists controlled’ part of Mali.

The UN units which were been stationed in Kidal & Adjlhouc were refused a permission for their aircrafts to pick-up their elements by the junta in Bamako & their mercenaries allies, Wagner.

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