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The Bias media, NGOs next target after Russian’s Wagner army is defeated – Coalition leader of Saharan ‘Jihadist’ group

The leader of the coalition group of all ‘jihadist’ groups taking shelter in their hideouts along the Saharan countries ‘Jama’at Nusratil islam Wal Muslimeen’ has indicated that, they are posed for Sharia rule over their target countries after they have defeated the Russian’s Wagner forces present at Mali.

He sent a strong worded message to the biased media houses which are interested only in taken defense to the Western countries but showing strong hatred for Islam and its people as Muslims.

Speaking to our correspondent in the State of Kidal, a controlled territory by the ‘jihadist’ group which used to be part of Mali, the leader confidently declared that, the future is defeat to the Russian forces currently protecting the military government of Mali. Adding that, the global media will be the next target.

“As for the Russian presence on the financial lands and the Wagner militia, he stressed that “the future of the Russian forces and Wagner’s mercenaries in Mali is defeat, God willing, as the Almighty said”, Seyden Ag Hita (better known as Osman al-Qairouan), Governor of the state of Kidal declared during an exclusive interview with the African Perception in Kidal this week. “We see it as the last card remaining for the ruling military regime in Mali. If the are defeated, Mali will not have any one to fight with them from the allied forces to try to eliminate their enemy.”

Sending a signal for their next operations, the former Al-Qaeeda linked fighter, to the global media said, “and those who falsely and slandered themselves as human rights organizations that claim neutrality and independence.”

Sharing his worry that, the media practice obscuring the massacres committed against Muslims “as if nothing had happened, and if something small should happen to an infidel or atheist , the world arose, and it did not sit still, and the media and media people speak.”

He stressed that the massacres carried out by ISIS against the defenseless Muslims in Manka “are no less than those carried out by the Danzo militia in the state of Mopti and Segou with the order and support of the apostate Mali government, and neither the international media nor the international community said anything significant until today.”

Othman Al-Qayrawani confirmed noting that, “whenever we took him from ISIS from people’s property, he returned to his companions, pointing out that some tribes of Azwagh or Ashwagh pledged allegiance to the group’s leader. May God help them in his religion.”

On transferring the group’s battlefield from Mali to other countries such as Burkina Faso, Benin and Togo, Othman al-Qayrawani said that the group’s operations in the last two countries carried out for several reasons, “including that when those countries felt the presence of the mujahideen on the Burkinabe border, they tried to harass them from several sides and wronged the Muslims.” Especially the Fulani race, with all kinds of injustice, killing, capturing, and taking their money, and these strikes came in response to what those countries did against the mujahideen and all innocent Muslims.

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