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Mali and Wagner militia suffers series of attacks by jihadists

Local sources in Masna region Mali has confirmed a jihadists ambushed attack on the Wagner militia and a crash of a Malian warplane today.

This add up to the series of attacks Malian military and civilians have suffered in the week.

Earlier on Thursday, a ferry carrying passengers coming from the city of Gao in northern Mali, passing through the city of Tinbactou, a jihadists sieged area, was attacked near the city of Zerhou in northern Mali.

New bodies retrieved today by the search and rescue team in the river brings the number of victims of the ship to one hundred.

According sources, the ferry was attacked by JNIM.

The United Nations and most countries of the world condemned the attack on the ship

Also, on Friday, four cars belonging to Jahdin attacked the Malian largest military base in the city of Gao in northern Mali.

The attack was orchestrated through series of car suicide attacks. The first exploded at the gate of the military base

The second exploded on the Russian Wagner militia and the third exploded on the runway at the military base.

The fourth was carrying armed jihadists who came down after the suicide bombings and clashed with the Wagner militia and the Malian army.

As at the time of filing this news, the Malian army and the Wagner militia have not announce the number of victims of the attack.

But, the Nusrat al-Islam and Muslims Group claimed responsibility for the attack and said that its members who carried out the attack died and only three of them managed to climb the wall and escape.

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